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29 April 2016


The Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, Stefania Giannini, has launched the 2016 edition of Biciscuola. The edutainment project by RCS Sport, aiming at bringing primary school students closer to cycling and to the Giro d’Italia, scheduled this year from 6 to 29 May.

This will be the 15th edition of Biciscuola, a project which continues to gain more and more support in schools. In the last two years Biciscuola has become more digital, with a dedicated website

The Minister Stefania Giannini said: “The Ministry of Education is pleased to cooperate with the Biciscuola Project which has been involving, educating and entertaining 100,000 primary school students each year for 15 years. The project is aligned with our school reform principles, the Buona Scuola, which sets out to extend the competences of young students through cooperation, such as in this project. I would like to thank the organisers of Biciscuola for their commitment in involving thousands of primary school students and hundreds of teachers in this project which ends with the winning classes participating in one of Giro d’Italia stages, and gives the youngest the opportunity to discover the world of the Corsa Rosa hands-on. We want a dynamic and open school, able to combine the right mix of hours in the class with direct and practical outside experience, to help our students to understand the world and prepare them for what awaits them tomorrow. Biciscuola is an initiative which addresses this need and, as a consequence, we support this project with renewed enthusiasm”.

Laura Cioli, RCS MediaGroup CEO, added: “Sport and Social Responsibility are two highly interrelated themes of primary importance for our Group. The numerous social responsibility initiatives linked to the Giro d’Italia, such as Biciscuola, are an excellent example of the fact that RCS Group has always believed, still believes and actively support themes related to the social sphere. I am particularly proud of the effective cooperation with the Ministry of Education and of the large numbers associated to this project in primary schools for the last 15 years. Biciscuola was born to make the youngsters aware of the use of the bicycle as a means for a healthy lifestyle, values such as respect and fair play, supporting environmental education, ecology, road safety and food education”.


The Biciscuola project culminates in a day at the Giro d’Italia for the winning classes, to fully experience the emotions of the Corsa Rosa. Partners in the initiative are Enel, the Italian Road Police, the “Guardian Angels of the Giro”, with their Blue Bus and the Italian Cycling Federation.

In the last two years Biciscuola has become more digital, with a dedicated website and the online educational platform My Studio)