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15 May 2017

The Giro d'Italia shows solidarity with those affected by earthquakes

This afternoon the Giro d’Italia sent a message of solidarity to help the people of Central Italy affected by the earthquakes of August and October 2016 and January 2017.

Today, in the Sala Consiliare of Foligno (Foligno’s Council Hall), Foligno Mayor Nando Mismetti, the Giro d’Italia Director Mauro Vegni and 12 mayors from towns hit by Central Italy’s quakes, attended an event in support of the populations affected by the disasters.

The Giro d’Italia, in collaboration with ANCMA, the city of Foligno and the Association Croce Bianca of Foligno have donated a number of bikes to help those people affected in making a “new start”, along with the jerseys of the Giro 100 teams signed by the riders, and some Maglie Rosa.

Giro d’Italia Director, Mauro Vegni said: “As promised, we wanted to send a signal of hope and solidarity to the populations hit by the earthquakes. The Giro d’Italia wants to keep the attention high – as it has done in many occasions in its history – on some of the problems of the country.”

Nando Mismetti, Mayor of Foligno: “I would like to thank all the towns’ mayors who are here today. The Giro d’Italia is synonymous with unification: it has accompanied and witnessed all of our country’s big changes and its most difficult moments.
I want to thank the Direction of the Giro d’Italia and Director Vegni who strongly wanted this initiative. Our area needs this symbol of hope for the future and to overcome these difficult moments. For us, to host the Sagrantino Stage is of extraordinary importance: it signifies that in these areas life goes on and we can make it. Cycling is a synonym for solidarity and respect among people: the most important values for the young generation in building a sense of community.”

Donatella Tesei, Mayor of Montefalco: “This event has been strongly welcomed by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. It has taken extraordinary commitment from all the community of Montefalco who have participated in it. The Giro d’Italia is a mean of union, strength and solidarity. I am very happy to be able to be part of this simple gesture of solidarity with the towns hit by the earthquakes.”

Piero Nigrelli, ANCMA, Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori, said that: “Many Italian and international companies wanted to share this initiative in support of the population hit by the earthquakes. This is just a simple gesture, a symbol. The bicycle is a synonym of re-start, and this is what we want for the towns and people who are facing difficult times.”