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3 June 2019

Giro E – a great success

Last week saw the Giro E conclude in style. The world’s first multi-stage event dedicated to electric-assisted bikes took place between 12 May and 1 June on the same roads and on the same days as the Giro d’Italia. The Dolomites stage that finished in Croce d’Aune-Monte Avena was the last thrill for the participants, who were able to live the life of professional cyclists, with cheering from the roadside, podium signatures and the love that’s usually reserved for the champions.


The unique event was an unparalleled experience that lasted three weeks and traveled throughout Italy, passing from the sea to the mountains, from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Adriatic, from the Po Valley to the Alps, from the Romagna hills to the Dolomite peaks.


The numbers tell us that five engine manufacturers, six bike brands, and ten teams with 533 cyclists involved rode 18 stages over 1,829km with 24,000 meters of total elevation. But the figures are the last thing that will remain in our memory of this Giro E. Instead, what we’ll remember are the voices, the stories, the snapshots, the encounters, the taste of fatigue and the joy of having made it.


The essence of Giro E is to enjoy the Italy of the Giro, to ride the bike in a new, more relaxed way. Giro E is not a race, but an exclusive experience; its jerseys and sprints are a game. The Viola Jersey of the Giro E is not the Maglia Rosa of the Giro d’Italia: it does not say that the bike that won it is better than the others. Because amongst the riders there are those who are more committed to the challenge of the watch, and others who are more taken with the spirit of the ride.


Among the snapshots we’ll treasure from this edition, for example, there are the “boy scouts” of Pinarello, who dedicated themselves to the less experienced participants, who were reluctant to drop the brakes on the descents. And there was Max Lelli, who was captain of the National Agency for Tourism-Enit Team: could we keep track of how many journalists from all over the world he invited? He became the captain of his group, riding along with many former pros, Diego Cecchi, Alex Turrin, Daniele Colli, and Christian Delle Stelle. Or what about Cristiano De Rosa, the only bike manufacturer to ride in person with Giro E.

Then there was Milan Cortina 2026, the Winter Olympic bid team which put great athletes in the saddle for the first time, all for a good cause. Or the many customers invited by Mediolanum, Castelli and Segafredo, the Bike For Dream scholarship project and the Kilocal-Selle SMP women’s team.


And we’ll remember the special guests who helped the other participants feel they were living a dream, when they cycled alongside them: cycling champions such as Gianni Bugno, Andrea Tafi, Edita Pučinskaitė, Fabiana Luperini, Diana Žiliūtė, Giorgia Fraiegari; and world-class and Olympic athletes including Alessandra Sensini, Cristian Zorzi, Francesca Lollobrigida, Massimiliano Monti, Andrea Lalli, Luca Toni, Carlton Myers, Valentina Marchei, Fabio Triboli, Ivan Zaytsev, Margherita Granbassi and Mara Santangelo.


Maglia Viola Enel X, General Classification – Epowers Factory Team

Maglia Arancio Continental, Regularity Classification – Toyota

Maglia Verde Intimissimi Uomo, Best Young Team – Kilocal-Selle SMP

Maglia Rossa Automobile Club d’Italia ACI, Sprint Classification – Epowers Factory Team


Giro E is an amateur cycling experience for ten teams of six riders each who, with electric-assisted racing bikes, faced regular tests on part of the routes of 18 stages of the 2019 Giro d’Italia (excluding the three ITTs). Giro E took place in Italy, on the same days and on the same roads as the Corsa Rosa, from 12 May to 1 June.

Despite not being a race, at the end of each stage, and based on the results of the timed tests, four jerseys were awarded: Violet for the general classification, Orange for regularity, Red for sprint, and Green for the younger team. Each stage varied in length, depending on its difficulty, up to a maximum of 115km.


Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo // Bike For Dream // Castelli-Segafredo // Pinarello // Mediolanum // De Rosa // Toyota // Milano Cortina 2026 // Epowers Factory Team // Kilocal-Selle SMP


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