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8 April 2019

Giro d'Italia, Toyota is the official car

The Giro d’Italia is on board together with Toyota which, for the next two years – 2019 to 2020 – will supply the official cars of the Corsa Rosa, and of all the cycling races organized by RCS Sport. This partnership will reduce exhaust emissions during racing: the cars used will be “hybrid” (Full Hybrid Electric), including the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid and the Corolla Touring Sport Hybrid.

Today, in Milan, at the RCS MediaGroup headquarters, Group President and CEO, Urbano Cairo met with Toyota Italy CEO, Mauro Caruccio. Urbano Cairo said: “The partnership with the world-class brand Toyota fits perfectly with the internationalization process that has been accompanying the growth of the Giro d’Italia for several years now. Toyota has decided to join us not only in the Giro d’Italia but also in all the other cycling races we organize. This is very important, because this partnership strengthens our Giro and our Group projects related to Social Responsibility and sustainable mobility; Toyota’s hybrid and innovative cars will help us in these future-oriented projects. I am sure that this collaboration will be fruitful and will benefit both our companies.”

Mauro Caruccio said: “We are honoured to be a partner in the 102nd Giro d’Italia. The Giro is part of the sporting history of our country and has always been the stage for exciting sports events, but also a showcase for Italy’s natural and artistic beauty. It is also our duty to preserve them thanks to sustainable mobility solutions and reduced environmental impact. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer our fleet of RAV4 and Corolla TS to accompany the Giro caravan: these are cars equipped with the latest evolution of Toyota’s Full Hybrid technology, now in its fourth generation, which is able to combine performance with high energy efficiency and extremely low climate-changing and polluting emissions to the full. Toyota have a hybrid heart, capable of transmitting the infinite love that the Giro d’Italia expresses.


New Rav4 Hybrid

The new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid maintains its unique position on the Italian market thanks to its Full Hybrid/Electric powertrain, underpinned by the first use of a TNGA-K (Toyota New Global Architecture-K) platform in an SUV, a low centre of gravity, optimum weight balance and significantly increased body rigidity, which contribute to superior handling, ride comfort and driving pleasure. Toyota’s fourth generation hybrid system combines a new 2.5 litre engine and a powerful electric motor (88kW) for a maximum output of 218 DIN hp for the FWD version, delivering ample torque at all speeds, responsiveness and efficiency, with best-in-class fuel economy and emissions levels.

Fuel economy starts from 22.2km/l, with CO2 emissions from as low as 100g/km. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on the FWD version are 3mg/km, 95% lower than the threshold set by current regulations (60mg/km) for Euro6 petrol engines.

New Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid

The new Corolla Touring Sports, thanks to its newly adopted Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-C platform, has superior driving dynamics and enhanced stability, handling and agility. The cars that will be driven during the Giro d’Italia will be equipped with the new Toyota’s 2.0L 180 DIN hp Hybrid Dynamic Force engine, which today is added to the existing 1.8L 122 DIN hp  Hybrid powertrain.

Moreover, the fourth generation 2.0 litre Hybrid Dynamic Force system is unique in its segment; no conventional powertrain can offer the same combination of performance and low emissions. Fuel consumption and emissions, both polluting and greenhouse gases, are best-in-class: the 2.0L version Toyota shows combined cycle fuel economy of 25.6km/l (Correlated NEDC) with CO2 emissions from as low as 89 g/km. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are only 4mg/km, 93% lower than the threshold set by current regulations (60mg/km) for Euro6 petrol engines.