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23 March 2018

Giro d'Italia Ride Green: the Corsa Rosa social impact

The Giro d’Italia is not only a sport event but an important instrument of communication that wants and has to transmit all the values it represents. In this, it’s 101st edition, RCS Sport wants to build further on the firm foundations laid down by the last two year’s of the Ride Green initiative.

The recycling eco-sustainable project, run throughout last year’s Giro d’Italia in collaboration with Erica Cooperative, was a great success and collected 84,877kg of litter, of which 89% was recycled.


This year over 1,200 recycling bins will be produced by Eurosintex and sent to each of the race’s start and finish city councils; the bins will have the RIDE GREEN logo and will also be donated as a gift to the councils as a legacy of the project. All the open village and hospitality areas will also be provided with recycling bags and boxes. The Novamont company will provide recyclable and biodegradable utensils for food and drink. All the outdoors advertising panels of the recycling islands will be made in recycled cardboard, and each panel will clearly indicate which material can be recycled. All the eco-points in the open village and hospitality areas will be managed by over 250 volunteers coming from each part of Italy, chosen by the local committees. As in the past year, will be the official media partner of Ride Green, realizing various video services across the different stages of the Giro.

Go Rent, together with the partner Eco.Energia, will – through appropriate vehicles for the manual sweeping – take care of cleaning the finish line of each stage of the Giro. The National Aluminium Recycling Consortium (CIAL) will communicate the importance of recycling aluminium to all the visitors of the village who will go to the Red Bull stand; the area will be served by a special container for cans and all those who will dispose of the cans in the appropriate container will have the opportunity to participate in the extraction of 18 “riciclette”, bikes entirely made of recycled aluminium.