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29 April 2016

Giacomo Nizzolo to the Giro to defend the Maglia Rossa

Trek Segafredo’ sprinter Giacomo Nizzolo aims to the Giro d’Italia. A special interview to discover his plans before the Big Start.

How do you feel with your preparation up to this point?

Giacomo: I feel good. Of course, the two victories in Croatia gave me a lot of morale. The motivation doesn’t change a lot because even without these victories I was very motivated.

In general, physically, I feel okay. After Gent-Wevelgem, I did two good weeks of training and then a really good week in Croatia, not just on the results side but also on the performance side. I feel that I am track for the Giro.

Your approach to the Giro is different than Ryder, who has much more racing in his lead up. Do you feel that this is the best preparation for you?

Giacomo: I don’t know. That I can probably answer after the Giro (laughs). Of course, we took a different way than last year, where we did a training camp at altitude then raced Romandie. This year we decided to do Croatia instead. We wanted to have a good race to prepare the sprint team and Croatia fit that much more than Romandie.

You have only one or two guys helping you in the last part of the sprint. Do you prefer this way instead of having a sprint train?

Giacomo: Of course, it’s always better to have a train; six, seven, or even eight guys when it’s possible. But the way we have it, with Boy (Van Poppel), Eugenio (Alafaci), and Marco (Coledan) I think we have great chances. They are all good riders, and now I can say even experienced riders because they are not so young anymore, and they know what to do.

We have to be smart and clever enough to read the situation better and before the others. And sometimes I think to have two or three guys can be an advantage because we can move in the bunch easier.

Points jersey last year, four times finishing second the year before, how important is it for you to get the win this year?

Giacomo: Everyone wants a stage victory, myself included, so obviously that is one of my biggest goals, but the other is to defend the red jersey. One goal can bring the other. We will work for the stage win, but at the same time, we are also working for the points jersey. It would be nice to have both.

Last year I didn’t think that the points jersey was so important for me, but in the end, when I won it, I realized how big it was to get it. So this year we will go for the stages and keep an eye also on the jersey.

Overall, what is your opinion of the Giro this year?

Giacomo: We have probably one or two chances more (for the sprints) than last year, and in general the sprint stages are clear sprints. Last year there were some stages that were questionable if they would end in a sprint, but this year they are more traditional sprint stages. And, of course, the mountain stages in the Giro, as everyone knows, are hard. That is the same as always.

Do you feel more pressure to win racing in your home country?

Giacomo: No…I don’t see it as pressure. I see it as only motivation. To race in my home country is a big motivation. It’s not pressure to me – it’s just a goal, it’s something that I really want.