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24 April 2016


The Province of Gelderland, host of the first three stages of the 99th Giro d’Italia, is not just focussing on the three days of racing and the team presentation. Instead they have chosen, together with the stage cities Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Nijmegen, to create a string of events over the 99 days leading up to the Big Start. After the big launch of the 99 days campaign, at the 28th of January, an incredible 1500 side events are planned.

They range from social activities to kids activities, from educational events to recreational events, all with the common denominators Italy, pink and cycling. Together with a citydressing campaign, the entire Dutch province is colored pink, step by step until the grand finale which is the Big Start of the Giro in Gelderland.

Piazza’s Over 124 Piazza’s are organized in the neighborhoods of cities that are related to the Giro. These Piazza’s are set up as a gathering of people, joining for a festivity in their own neighborhood, street or village. They are invited for an Italian pasta meal, which is provided by Giro Gelderland, together with a set of party materials. Initially 80 piazza’s were planned, but they were so successful it was soon decide to add over 40 more. Mercato’s Never have there been as many Italian markets in the Netherlands as in the month of May 2016. With the help from Giro Gelderland, local initiatives are supported to set up Mercato’s. At the mercato’s people can shop, eat, drink Italian products, but are also entertained with activities that are linked to cycling, sports or Italy.

Giro Bambini, Giro Donna and cycling for all For the kids as special timetrial racing experience is set up, while the ladies are cordially invited to join in the Giro Donna. On the 1st of May, the official Giro Gran Fondo event will take place, were thousand of participants can ride part of the Giro stages themselves. Education on all levels . With the Giro Scuola schools can provide one week of education to the kids in the age group 4-12 years old. Together with the Dutch cycling federation this educational program was set up, introducing the kids to Italy, cycling and Giro.

Part of the package is a course on which the kids are taught how to ride their bike more safely in the ever increasing traffic. The Giro Kids Day on May 7th, at Sports Center Papendal is the big final for school kids, when they are invited to join in the excitement of the Giro itself. With the universities and colleges, the Giro Experience and the Giro Academy are set up.

At the Giro Experience, a road show spanning the Province over a number of weekends, lectures are given by professors, technical demonstration and information are provided to visitors interested in the technique behind cycling. For companies another type of Giro Experience is available. With a special training program, a combination of sports and entertainment, personnel is invited to join in to adapt a healthier lifestyle through cycling. If we add the great number of festivals, expositions, cycling cafes, cycling cinema evenings, family experiences, pizza contests to the marketing campaign which has been running since January, it is no surprise that Gelderland is getting all warmed up for the Big Start of the 99th Giro d’Italia


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