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1 May 2017

Gazprom - Rusvelo at Giro to astonish

The Russian team’s preparations have begun since the beginning of the year, with training sessions aimed at achieving the best shape in May.
In Croatia the main goal was to integrate new arrivals, Pavel Brutt and Ivan Rovny, with Sergey Lagutin, Dmitry Kozonchuk, Alexander Porsev, Alexey Tsatevich who have already run the Giro last year.
Other training periods were held in Spain and in Australia. All riders of the team did a big amount of work before falling off in the middle of the season.
The climber Sergey Firsanov will be able to stand in the mountain stages, while Ivan Savitskiy, a 3rd  place in the Tour of Croatia, will focus on the stages for sprinters.
A last training camp in Lonato del Garda took place in March. During these training days under the guidance of the team’s sports directors, the best strategy was studied, finalizing the training that will take place in Alghero.