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7 September 2016


The end of season Classic Monument cycling race reaches its 110th edition – and celebrates with new race logo and website. Il Lombardia starts in Como and finishes in Bergamo after 240km and 4,400m of total elevation.

On Saturday 1 October Il Lombardia NamedSport will celebrate its 110th edition. The race has been announced today in Bergamo with a brand new course amongst other news. The “Race of the Falling Leaves” organised by RCS Sport/La Gazzetta dello Sport will start in Como and end in Bergamo after 240km with a finale featuring two new climbs that have never been faced before. The last edition’s winner was Vincenzo Nibali.
The race starts in Como with a classic first section that culminates (after Cantù, Erba, Asso and Onno) with the Ghisallo climb from Bellagio. It’s a traditional passage, featuring gradients up to 14%. The route will then go through Asso (again), Pusiano and Oggiono before climbing Colle Brianza, going through the Alta Brianza and the Meratese and entering the Province of Bergamo at Calusco d’Adda.
Torre de’ Busi marks the start of the Valcava climb (featuring 9.6km at 9% inclination, with a maximum gradient of 17% – 1,336m above sea level) on mountain roads with 14 hairpins. A challenging descent with steep inclinations follows, ending in Costa Valle Imagna, and proceeding toward Ponte Giurino, where the second feed station is situated.
Then comes the never-faced-before climb of Sant’Antonio Abbandonato, followed by the ascent of Miragolo San Salvatore, also featuring for the first time in Il Lombardia. Both climbs are tough with high inclination and narrow and challenging roads. After a short descent the next climb is toward Selvino, followed by a long descent with hairpins, 9km away from the classic passage in Bergamo’s Città Alta before the finish line in the city’s main Sentierone road.

Total elevation
The 110th edition of Il Lombardia is characterised by a challenging total elevation: 4,400m (2015 = 3,500m; 2014 = 3,400m). 65% of the total elevation (around 3,000m) will be faced by the riders in the final 115km, of which around 48km are climbing and only 10km are flat, in between Nembro and Bergamo.

Final kms
Final kilometres through Bergamo Alta, entering from Porta Garibaldi toward (200m on cobblestones) Largo Colle Aperto. The first part of the final climb is constantly over 10% (max 12%). The descent is wide on well paved surface. 1,800m before the finish line the road bends sharply to the left, narrowing down to cross Porta Sant’Agostino. After the Last Kilometre triangle the road turns left and 250m before the finish line there’s the last bend on the right before the final straight